Get GTA 5 Xbox One Account for FREE [December 20]

If you are looking to buy GTA 5 Xbox one account, you are in the right place. In this article, we will tell you the best way to buy an Xbox one modded account and also is it safe and legit. Before getting account you’ve to know first what is Modded Account in GTA.

So, let’s start…

What is a GTA modded account?

An account of the GTA V game modified by a Modder (One who modifies a software or object) for different purposes such as adding new elements, characters, maps, missions and any changing in game to improve the game is known as  modded account.

Is it Legal to buy GTA 5 Xbox One MOD account?

No, according to Xbox One terms of services (TOS), it is illegal to buy or makes any changings in GTA V Xbox one. 

How to get Modded GTA V Xbox one account?

Hacker, game developers, or those who familiar with how to make mods for GTA V. They create different mods, and then they sold them online. 


Here we will tell you some sources where you can get a GTA V modded account for Xbox one, but keep in mind no one sure how long these accounts will stay active. Whenever Xbox one noticed that you are using a modded account, they will suspend your account.

 So, there are two primary sources first one is Social media platforms, and the second one is different websites.

Using Social Media

You can use different social media platforms, especially Facebook groups. In different GTA related groups, you can find peoples who buy and sell GTA 5 Xbox one accounts. 

  1. Go to your Facebook account.
  2. In search bar type “GTA V Xbox one accounts.” Click on groups.
  3. Join these groups and when you get approval. Make a post that you want an account, and those who want to sale their accounts will contact you.

Using websites

The second option to buy GTA V Xbox one account is online websites. There are many websites sailing Modded accounts on the internet, but we will tell you only some Trusted websites from where you can buy. If you don’t want to buy from a given website you can search on the internet for other websites related to it you will find a large amount of website except them. Below you can see the list of sites that offers modded accounts.

1. eBay

eBay is an excellent and most trusted source among all websites. Go to eBay > enter the” GTA V Xbox One account,” and you will see different results open one of them, and if you find what you’re looking for, then you can buy it.




The website also offers different GTA V Xbox modded accounts at different prices. Keep in mind one thing that if you purchase an account from this website, and later you decide you want to refund your money or you want to change your account, then it will not be possible. They will not refund your money, and the delivery time of the account is between 5 to 10.


Graphic improvements, new and exciting missions in GTA V, are only possible by getting new mods, but it is hard if you are on Xbox One. But you can get GTA V Xbox One modded accounts that have all these features. You can get these accounts from social media platforms and online websites. 

Also, remember if you caught that you are using a modded account will get a ban, so be careful and enjoy it.