Play GTA 5 Online (GTA V) [December-2022] Free without download

If you are looking for a way to play GTA 5 Online  (GTA V) Free no download you can to the right place. Here we will tell you how you can play it online without downloading a single file. So, let’s start.

GTA 5 is not a small game. It required an excellent graphic system, sound card, internet connection, approximately 80 GB of free space, and so on. If you do not get this idea before, it’s not too late; you can play now.

How to Play GTA V Online Free No Download?

On the internet, you can find multiple websites that offer you to play different games, including GTA V. You can find free and paid sites, and here we will tell you only free sources that you use to play GTA  V Online without downloading.

play gta 5 online - gta v


The first website you can use to play GTA 5 online (GTA V) is It is one of the top gaming websites that allows gamers to play more than 110,000 games online, including GTA 5 Online (GTA V). The site launched in 2006, and the current owner of the website is Modern Times Group. On Kongregate, you do not need to register yourself, go to the website, and search “GTA 5” choose the one you want to play, and that’s it. Play and enjoy the game. They offer their paid membership that has more features compared to a free one. Using Kongregate, you can play GTA V online for free, no need to download. The only thing you have is a good speed internet connection.


Another website you can use to play GTA games for free without download is allows an unlimited amount of games, including GTA V, Minecraft, pubg, and so on. You can access the website and play games on mobiles and PC. The process of playing GTA V online is straightforward. Go to the site, type GTA 5 online in the search bar, and press enter. Next, you will see a page like this one. Just click on the Play Game, and you are ready to play. A great thing we like about is you will not face any promotions or pop up ads while playing.


In the list of websites to play GTA 5 online free, no download is also a great source. Similar to and, it allows us to play multiple games for free without downloading. If you are looking for playing GTA games, go to the website, enter GTA 5 in the search bar and next choose a game you want to play. On, you will only see Google AdSense ads, no pop-up, or any other malware ads.

These websites will allow you to play GTA V online free without downloading.

FAQs about Playing GTA V Game Online

  • Can I play GTA 5 online for free?

Yes, you can play GTA 5 online for free. Go to the websites that we mentioned in the above section, and you can play GTA 5 online for free without downloading.

  • Is GTA online free?

Yes, GTA online is free. But you should have installed GTA main game on your device.

  • Is GTA 5 available online for PC?

Yes, GTA 5 is available online for PC and Mobile Phones.

We hope this guide will help you to play GTA Online free without downloading. Tell us about your experience with these websites, or if you know a better source mention us in the comment section.